Southeastern School of Banking
Ethics in Banking

Primary Audience: Lending Officers
Course Evaluation: 4.85

  • "LOVE him - best speaker ever."

  • "Steve is my absolute favorite instructor both in year one and two. I feel he truly enjoys his job and he does a great job engaging with the class and keeping your attention. He keeps your attention throughout the entire class. I would honestly listen to him teach a class on any subject."

  • "Steve, once again, was my favorite instructor. His approach and delivery were far and away the best of all presenters. His material was engaging, relevant, and thought-provoking. Without a doubt, I took multiple lessons from his material that I think will make me a better banker and a more well-rounded human being. He should be brought back to the school in perpetuity for as long as he intends to instruct bankers. He taught multiple lessons in the short amount of time he was with us. I wish I could spend more time learning from him."

  • "Keep this man at all costs. SO GOOD."

Sales In Financial Services

Primary Audience: Lending Officers
Course Evaluation: 4.91

  • "Mr. Goodman, I really enjoyed your lecture. It was very easy to follow and I liked that you used your life experiences to relate to us and give your message. It was hands down my favorite lecture of the week."

  • "Loved, loved, loved this guy. He was unapologetic about his knowledge and observations about life and had the best stories to hit his points home. I learned so much from him and plan to utilize the perspective he taught us to see."

  • "Steve Goodman was the best instructor for the week!  He got me to think more about prospective customers for our bank especially on what industry they can be in.  Always think, plan, and be prepared for the client and show them how valuable they will be for the bank."

  • "Great! Gave a lot of new selling/marketing strategies that I can apply in my everyday banking."

  • "This instructor was THE BEST."